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We are not that awful. In fact, we pride ourselves on taking time between our tantrums to make sure we’re always there for all your digital needs. Through years of experience and that stubborn kind of love for the craft that comes with it, we think it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing. And we always deliver. Contact us and see if we’re the men for you. Throw us your project and we can deliver it from A to Z, from B to Z, or just go straight to Z and Z the F out of it.

Want to see some of our work? What a coincidence! Here they are:

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McDonald’s enthusiast
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Creative nerd
As founder of Superhero Cheesecake and with 15 years of experience in the online world, Tijmen Mulder will eat up every project you throw his way like it’s the last Big Mac on Earth. His biggest vice is devouring seemingly impossible projects that combine creative thinking, technical challenges and kick-ass design and shitting out pure excellence.

When you have time to spare, you can also see him act (not quite so excellently) in a theatre near you.
Jorrit v.
Likes to shout when the going gets tough
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Out-of-the-boxing Champ
Be it repairing workflows or fixing pinball machines, Jorrit’s our mechanic Boy Wonder. Whatever the brief, he’ll get your products running like Usain on the cheapest scalable hosting solutions possible. To top it off his roots in the TV industry have won him a sound understanding of video and broadcasting techniques.

He also does some chicken farming on the side. Ask him for fresh eggs and he'll bring them on our meetings.
v.d. Werf
Rumored to have Swedish doppelgänger
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Handsome Pat
Won a prize for his first website at the tender age of 12. Now, a decade and full shelf of awards later, Pat’s looking for higher rewards. A wizard of code, he will take on any challenge in any programming language with the tenacity of a pissed off chihuahua.

Whenever he’s not brewing code you’re most likely to find him waving his snowboard instructor’s license around on some snowy mountain whilst guiding whimpering rookies down the slopes.
Often confused for Roald Dahl character
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Evangelist & hairsplitter
Veteran of an annoying amount of award winning online campaigns, Niels Filmer fell in love with Laravel right from the young framework's start. And like an obsessed teenage girl with a first time crush, he hasn't stopped yapping about it since. Like a true fanboy he now searches for that same structure he so idolises in every programme language he knows.

Niels likes to spend his spare time kickboxing the everliving shit out of anything that’s put in front of him. Osu.

Our expertise and recognition

Although our team’s a mere fledgling, the combined expertise that has brought us a vast range of awards and publications over the past decade shows we’re not here to dick around. And we’re ready to rock whatever roll gets thrown our way.




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